April 2017

Icon of 42 17 FOI 42 17 FOI: Incident on 2 April 2017, Saintfield Road, Crossgar – Method of call, time of reporting, time of each callsigns dispatched, call of each callsigns arrival, call code and description used. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 43 17 FOI 43 17 FOI: How many vacancies do you have currently unfilled, how many of those unfilled vacancies are for full-time paramedic roles, how many of your current unfilled vacancies are roles that have been readvertised? (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 44 17 FOI 44 17 FOI: How many people work for NIAS, how many of these are authorised by warrant under Investigatory Powers Act 2016, how many warrants have been applied for and how many were granted, how many investigations has NIAS carried out. (0.2 MiB)

Icon of 46 17 FOI 46 17 FOI: What is your current practice for thermal burns first aid in terms of irrigant/coolant applied, and does NIAS employ hydrogel products. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 47 17 FOI 47 17 FOI: Purchasing door access/fobs/ID cards, frequency, quantities and costs. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 48 17 FOI 48 17 FOI: NIAS mileage and travel claims for year 2016-17. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 49 17 FOI 49 17 FOI: How much does the average 999 call cost the ambulance service and how long does the average 999 call last.  How many 999 calls have been taken from over 65s from 01/03/2016 to 31/03/2017 broken down by month for Northern Ireland and how many of these relate to Cat C and Card 35 Healthcare Professional calls. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 50 17 FOI 50 17 FOI: The number of actual subsistence claims and successful subsistence claims made by Northern Division & South Eastern Division operational staff for the financial year 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016. (0.2 MiB)

Icon of 51 17 FOI 51 17 FOI: Incident in Crossgar on 23 April 2017, Method of call, time of call, time of dispatch, time of arrival, call code, priority and description, and if patient left at scene or taken to hospital. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 52 17 FOI 52 17 FOI: Contract information with regards to the organisation’s telephone system maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX, other) for hardware and Software maintenance and support. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 53 17 FOI 53 17 FOI: Contract information relating to Banking Services, Audit Services and Card Processing Services. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 54 17 FOI 54 17 FOI: How many members of staff in NIAS have been disciplined as a result of not carrying out their duties to the best of their ability over the past three years, and what sanctions were imposed or referrals to the Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC). (0.3 MiB)