June 2017

Icon of 68 17 FOI 68 17 FOI: Do you carry Nasal end tidal co2 monitors, are staff trained and cost of equipment. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 69 17 FOI 69 17 FOI: The number of subsistence claims paid to (in monetary terms) for Northern and South Eastern Division operational staff April 09 – March 2015. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 70 17 FOI 70 17 FOI: Clinical Support Desk Interview Questions & O.S.C.E questions & score sheet for the Clinical Support Desk (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 72 17 FOI 72 17 FOI: How many hypothermic patients did the Trust treat last year and the use of warming IV fluids and methods of warming. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 73 17 FOI 73 17 FOI: Contract information relating to the following corporate software /enterprise applications: Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution (ERP); Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System; Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Software Solution; and primary corporate Finance Software Solution. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 74 17 FOI 74 17 FOI: Policies, directives or guidance around the use of Internet Connection Records (ICRs), from November 2016 and requested access to ICRs. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 77 17 FOI 77 17 FOI: The organisation’s contracts relating to their energy management system and energy spend. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 78 17 FOI 78 17 FOI: The number of paramedics qualified in British Sign Language and policies and procedures in place. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 79 17 FOI 79 17 FOI: How many personnel speak British Sign Language and what facilities have you in place for communicating with Deaf people? (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 80 17 FOI 80 17 FOI: Systems or technologies to alert paramedics and emergency responders that the patient they are about to respond to has a medical condition that needs additional and/or specialist attention / the number of Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients who have been treated. (0.3 MiB)

Icon of 83 17 FOI 83 17 FOI: Has NIAS undertaken pre-hospital and facility based Emergency Care Systems assessment conducted at the national level. (0.3 MiB)