Congratulations Margaret Barclay – New Year’s Honours list with the Queen’s Ambulance Medal.

Congratulations to Margaret Barclay who has been recognised in the New Year’s Honours list with the Queen’s Ambulance Medal.
Margaret joined the ambulance service in January 1986 as the first full time female member of staff in Northern Ireland.
Margaret started on the Patient Care Service, bringing to patients, who had been entrusted to her care, an empathy and professionalism which remain the hallmark of Margaret’s approach to all she does today. In those early days, Margaret often went that extra mile by working well beyond her finishing time to ensure that patients, who may have been delayed at clinics, got home safely.
She then moved on to become the first female on the Emergency Medical Technician course. The course gave her more skills to add to those which come naturally to her and prepare her for the pre-hospital emergency field.
Having blazed the trail as the first female, Margaret was always there as mentor and go-to colleague for other females who were now joining the service. Her enthusiasm and selfless attitudes became inspirational to all who worked with her – including her male colleagues.
She moved up the ranks to become a Station Supervisor where she was given the opportunity to shape, in the most positive of ways, the careers of the many new recruits for whom she became responsible.
Providing adequate cover to meet increasing demand is a real issue for ambulance services. It is now Margaret’s role to oversee this challenging task – and as usual she goes at it with everything she has. Uppermost in her mind is ensuring that the needs of patients and staff are met.
Margaret has given more than 34 years exceptional service to the ambulance service and the community.
If you ever wonder if there exists a person who is universally liked, loved, respected and valued, just look at Margaret Barclay.
Margaret is a most worthy recipient of the Queen’s Ambukance Medal. Congratulations Margaret.
Take a bow.