Register Your AED

You can now register your Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on the new National Defibrillator Network – ‘The Circuit’.

For instructions on how to register please CLICK HERE

We have been working in partnership with British Heart Foundation to develop The Circuit – the national defibrillator network, to give cardiac arrest victims the best chance of survival by linking a UK wide national network of defibrillators to every ambulance service in the UK.

The Circuit will also help you look after and maintain your AED. You will receive regular reminders to check your AED is *emergency ready and the pads are in date, be able to connect with other guardians in your area should you wish and even organise someone to check it if you are likely to be away on holiday.

It is replacing our existing Trust AED database so it is important that if you have previously registered your AED and you are the Guardian of it, you claim it and confirm its location, so we know where it is and is accessible to use in an emergency. We will continue to publish the geographical location of AEDs across Northern Ireland on mapping software, therefore it is important to re-register your AED to enable us to continue to do this.

What should I do if my public access defibrillator is already registered with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service?

The information about your AED’s geographical location has been transferred across to The Circuit.  You will however need to register an account and claim your defibrillator(s). Here is the link to set up your account and register your defibrillator today

What should I do if I am a guardian for a public access defibrillator (PAD) which is not registered with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service?

You will need to register an account with The Circuit and then add in details about your AED.Here is the link to set up your account and register your AED today

Will the AED remain on the current map?

The Trust’s current database is now closed to register your AED via the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.  However, when you register your AED via , NIAS will be provided with your AED’s geographical details to continue mapping AED locations across Northern Ireland.  You will be notified every 90 days via The Circuit to ensure that your AED remains *emergency ready.

*emergency ready means – The defibrillator is accessible, green light is flashing or status ready symbol is showing (), batteries and pads are in date and it comes equipped with;

  1. Tuff cut scissors
  2. Pocket mask
  3. Paper towel
  4. Disposable razor
  5. Disposable gloves

If you already have registered an AED with us and need to contact us urgently please email

PLEASE NOTE: if your AED is already registered with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service then it is still available for use to be deployed for an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest. However you need to ensure that you register an account on The Circuit and claim your AED(s) to allow you to make critical updates such as *emergency ready status, changes to availability, changes to access codes.  If your AED is not already registered with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service then it will not be deployed to an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest until the registration process to The Circuit is complete.

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service are encouraging businesses and communities to register their AED(s) with the Service. We would like as many AEDs as possible to be made publicly accessible to help save a life when a patient is in cardiac arrest. It is public perception that all AEDs are registered with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service but this may not be the case.  If you know of an AED near you, please check the online AED map to see if it registered.  If it isn’t approach the local shop or organisation and encourage them to register it.

The Service is committed to increasing the number of known Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) or Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) sites within Northern Ireland and it is important that we know where these are located and that they have been registered.