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What to Do Before Help Arrives

The most important thing you can do before help arrives is to stay calm; we may need you to help with treatment until the response gets to you.  You can help us further by following these instructions:

  • Stay with the patient until help arrives, if in the street
  • Call us back if there is a change in the patient’s condition or your location
  • If you are calling from a home or work, open the doors and signal where the ambulance staff are needed, or ask someone else to do this for you
  • Lock away any family pets to ensure there are no delays in reaching the patient
  • If you can, write down the patient’s GP details and collect any medication that they are currently taking
  • Inform us if the patient has any allergies
  • Any violence or threatening behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated and may delay the patient getting help

Don’t hang up, stay on the line unless you are told otherwise

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