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Patient Client Experience

The Regional Patient Client Experience Programme seeks to analyse the experiences of everyone (service users,families, carers and staff) who engage with services in HSCNI. The programme focuses upon the analysis ofstories/narrative through a number of tested data collection methods , under three initiatives –

  • Online User Feedback Service – Care Opinion
  • 10,000 More Voices Project
  • Care Homes – Voices of residents and families

Across all initiatives the Regional PCE programme seeks to be accessible to anyone who wishes to share their stories and provides a wide range of mechanisms to engage each initiative including online, printed format, easy read formats, sign language, formats to support visual impairment and translation for top 15 languages in the UK.

Care Opinion
Service users, families and carers have the opportunity to share their experience of Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health anytime through the online user feedback service, Care Opinion. The system supports two-way feedback between the service user and service staff and allows for analysis of the experience from service level supporting local service improvement, toregional strategic learning to influence commissioning and service development.

Share your experience of the Northern Ireland Service from over the past three years, whether good or could have been improved. Care Opinion will help us listen and learn from patients and their families and to ensure that your experience of health and social care services is a key element of learning and improvement. Care Opinion will treat your story confidentially. The only personal detail you have to share with Care Opinion is your email address and they will keep confidential. Your story will appear using a screen name on the public website and your anonymity will remain protected at all times.

Care Opinion is an independent non-profit feedback platform for Health and Social Care, supported by the Department of Health and implemented by the Public Health Agency.

For more information and to share your story go to:

10,000 More Voices

Patient experience is recognized as a key element in the delivery of quality healthcare. In line with this, the Public Health Agency is carrying out an extensive piece of work across all Health and Social Care Trusts, with the aim of introducing a more person- centred approach to services and shaping future health care in Northern Ireland.

The initiative is called 10,000 More Voices. Unlike other healthcare questionnaires, we want to read about your overall experience and how this made you feel. It gives you an opportunity to highlight anything important, such as what you
particularly liked or disliked about the experience and what matters to you.

This initiative provides an opportunity for deeper exploration of experiences software called Sensemaker® to explore service user narrative. Sensemaker captures and orders the thinking of people’s attitudes, perceptions and experiences within a complex culture.

The workplan for 10,000 More Voices is informed by strategic programmes and feedback from other sources (such as Care Opinion/complaints/incident) to look deeper at the issues and the experience of a defined service or process.

For more information and to access current projects go to:

Take a look at the official ENGAGE Website online resource for Involvement, co-production and partnership working

Interested in getting involved as a Service User and/or Carer? Please complete the form